A group enterprise integrating research, production and trade
A gathering place for best talents in chemical field
A learning-type organization

Company Profile

Company Profile

Let's  Join  Hands  To  Open  International  Trade The company employs a group of master degree holders

Company Products


With the help, concern and support of our domestic and overseas friends, Yangzhou Chemical has made remarkable

Company News


Based  On  Market  Orientation ; Supported  By  Technological  Innovation,Yangzhou Fengze Chemical Technology

Let's Join Hands To Open International Trade

The company employs a group of master degree holders, doctorate degree holders And doctorate tutors in the feeds of chemistry, medicine and farm-chemicals to provide service for research, production and trade.



Domestic factories


Foreign clients

200 million

Business volume(million)


Export volume(million)

What We Do

Enterprise aim

Provision of quality hurricane lanterns to carry light to customers.

Management concept

Creation of brand products in making constant improvements.

Striving for more profits in provision of perfect services to customers.

Enterprise spirit

Responsibility in work performed,Innovativeness in products manufactured,Team spirit in every task fulfilled,Devotion to enterprise development by all in it.

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